Can't Get It Up? Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Not Open

Imagine this; you have just gotten home from work and push your garage door opener and the garage doesn't lift. If you are positive the problem is not due to bad batteries in the opener, you may find yourself wondering why it won't lift up and open. Here are a few of the top reasons why your garage door won't open.  Lock Mode is Enabled One of the top reasons why your garage door will not lift or lower is because you have lock mode enabled.

Garage Door Safety Tips For Families With Small Children

If you recently moved into your first home and you have small children in your household, then garage door safety should be high on your priority list. Many children die every year from preventable accidents from garage doors. Garage doors are very heavy, and if they are not properly secured and their openers are not functioning properly, then they are very dangerous. To keep your children safe around your garage door, follow each of these tips:

2 Things To Think About When You Are Looking At A New Garage Door

If you are worried about your garage door not working, then you are probably thinking about getting a new one. If you are going to get a new one, then there are things that you are going to think about before you decide which one to go with, such as:  Looks When you are choosing your new garage door, then you should think about the way that you want it to look.

Can You Handle Your Own Garage Door Replacement?

Do you want to replace your garage panels? Whether you are doing this for style reasons, or if your existing garage doors are falling apart, you obviously want to make sure that you were actually able to replace your panels. That is, you need to make sure that your frames are strong enough to support panel replacement. This article explains the process and should help you figure out whether or not you can handle your own garage panel replacement.

Three Key Differences Between A Garage Door Company And A DIY Store

Okay, so all obvious differences aside, you were probably expecting an article on the physical differences of these two businesses. Actually, it is going to be more about the intangible differences between a garage door company and a DIY store where you can buy a garage door to install yourself, or to have someone else install for you. There is also a reason or two why these differences are important when it comes to replacing your old garage door.