Can You Handle Your Own Garage Door Replacement?

Do you want to replace your garage panels? Whether you are doing this for style reasons, or if your existing garage doors are falling apart, you obviously want to make sure that you were actually able to replace your panels. That is, you need to make sure that your frames are strong enough to support panel replacement. This article explains the process and should help you figure out whether or not you can handle your own garage panel replacement.

Are Your Panels Replaceable?

First, you need to figure out if your panels even replaceable. Most panels sit with in a metal frame which they are secured to with just a couple of mounting screws. If the screws are removed, the panels will pop out of the frame with a little bit of pressure. You also need to make sure your frames are in good condition. If your frames are bent or cracked, they might collapse when you pull the panels out. This is very common issue, especially if you have ever hit your garage with your car. If your frames aren't in good shape, don't bother trying to handle your own panel replacement. If this is the case, you will probably have to have both your panels and frames replaced, which is a very complicated job that should only be handled by professionals.

Ordering and Installing New Panels

If your frames do seem to be in good working order, you could start by ordering your replacement panels. Make sure your replacement panels are the same brand as the original manufacturer of your doors. You have the option of buying custom panels, but these should only be installed by professionals. When your panels arrive at your home, check them to make sure they are the right size. At this point, you should start to remove your existing panels. This is usually very simple, and can be done with just a power drill.

Now that your panels are removed from the frames, you can start to install the new ones. This part of the job is best done if there are two people. You need to be able to hold the panels steadily, so they don't bend and break during installation process. Installing the panel in the frame will take two people. Have one person hold the panel and make sure it is secure while the other secures the screws on the inside. With new panels, your garage will look completely different. The replacement process is surprisingly simple and affordable when you do your own work.