The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Fiberglass For Your New Garage Door

Are you planning to have a new garage door installed? If so, you may want to seriously consider choosing a garage door that is constructed from fiberglass. This is because while fiberglass garage doors are still relatively new to the marketplace, these doors are already proving themselves to be a great option for many homeowners thanks to the wide range of benefits they have to offer. However, like all garage door options, it is important to note that there are also disadvantages associated with fiberglass doors and these doors will not be right for every homeowner. That is why you should take the time to review both the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to install a fiberglass door on your garage. 

The Pros

  1. Impressive Insulation - Fiberglass has been used as an insulation material for many years in both residential and commercial applications. In fact, fiberglass batt insulation is one of the most common types of insulation. When choosing to install a fiberglass garage door, you can expect to enjoy the same type of impressive insulation levels that have made fiberglass insulation products so popular for so long. 
  2. Easy To Maintain - If you don't want to get stuck spending large amounts of time or money on the maintenance of your garage door, a fiberglass door may be the perfect solution for you. This is because, unlike other garage door materials that need to be sealed or treated from time to time to prevent damage, fiberglass doors will require nothing more than a basic cleaning to keep them in tip-top condition. 
  3. Lightweight - When compared to steel and solid wood garage doors, fiberglass doors are considered lightweight. This feature can help to reduce the stress that is put on the mechanical aspects of your garage door system. 

The Cons

  1. Price - Unfortunately, all of the benefits fiberglass garage doors have to offer do come at a price. In many cases, high-quality fiberglass doors will be among the most expensive opinions on the market. 
  2. Prone To Color Fading - Fiberglass doors have been known to fade in color when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This can be a problem since fiberglass doors cannot simply be painted to restore their color. That is why these doors are best suited for use on garages that are protected by an overhang or awning. 

The Bottom Line

If you are willing to spend a bit more on installing your new garage door, fiberglass doors can provide you with a durable, well-insulated, and easy-to-maintain alternative to more traditional options such as wood doors. However, if you are looking for the most budget-friendly way to address your need for a new garage door, fiberglass is not likely to be the right option for you. 

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