Three Key Differences Between A Garage Door Company And A DIY Store

Okay, so all obvious differences aside, you were probably expecting an article on the physical differences of these two businesses. Actually, it is going to be more about the intangible differences between a garage door company and a DIY store where you can buy a garage door to install yourself, or to have someone else install for you. There is also a reason or two why these differences are important when it comes to replacing your old garage door.


A garage door company typically stocks the very best garage doors, most of which are not sold in standard home improvement stores. Some garage door manufacturers even have exclusive contracts with garage door companies so that the companies have sole rights to selling the manufacturer's products. Additionally, if you want or need a custom garage door, you want quality, which is not something you usually get from a home improvement store.


You do not have the time to be running from one home improvement store to the next, trying to find the garage door that is the right style, color, and size. The store associates cannot really help you either, because they have not seen your garage, nor will they come to your house to take accurate measurements.

The representatives from the garage door company will send someone to your house, on your time, take measurements for the new door, listen to you with regards to what you want, and order the door the same day. If the company has the door in stock in the warehouse, you may even be able to get the door installed within a day or two.


The garage will need some repair work far, far down the road. If the DIY store is still in business, do you think that they will send someone out to fix the door? Even if they did provide such a service over the years, they probably would refuse the work on the door because by then the door "is too old to fix."

That is not how it works with the garage door company. They will typically come and fix their products, no matter the age. They frequently back their own products with warranties that protect against wear and tear and any defects. Plus, you will never need to prove that you bought the door from the company, as you would with a DIY or home improvement store.