Can't Get It Up? Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Not Open

Imagine this; you have just gotten home from work and push your garage door opener and the garage doesn't lift. If you are positive the problem is not due to bad batteries in the opener, you may find yourself wondering why it won't lift up and open. Here are a few of the top reasons why your garage door won't open. 

Lock Mode is Enabled

One of the top reasons why your garage door will not lift or lower is because you have lock mode enabled. The keypad inside of your garage usually has a lock button on it. If this button is pushed, your garage door may not open when you push the button for it to open. Lock mode is designed to protect your home while you are away on vacation, but if you accidentally push the button and don't realize it, it can keep you out of your own garage. Typically, pushing the lock button again will deactivate lock mode. 

The Electric Opener Doesn't Have Power

Another reason why your garage door will not lift or lower is because the electric opener doesn't have power. Check to make sure it is still plugged in. The vibration of the door opening and closing may cause the plug to fall out of the outlet. Also, be sure to check your electric panel to be sure you haven't blown a circuit that controls the electric opener. 

The Garage Door Spring is Broken 

Garage door springs help to support the weight of the garage door when it is gliding open or closed on the tracks. But overtime, these springs can stretch out and break. If your door is not opening, go in your garage and look at the top center of the garage, as well as the left and right corners. This is where the springs are housed. If the springs are stretched out or you can tell they have been snapped, this is the reason the door won't open. 

There is a Stripped Gear

The last reason why your garage door may not open is because there is a stripped gear in the motor. If you hear a humming noise when you try to open or close the door, but nothing happens, the motor is trying to work but can't because of the stripped gear. 

If your garage door is not opening and you cannot figure out why, contact a garage door maintenance and repair company, like Guaranteed Door Service. They can come out and troubleshoot a variety of things to determine exactly why you can't get the garage door up. Once they have determined the reason why, they can repair it, so your garage door opens and closes when you need it to.