Modifications That Will Make A Garage Door More Accessible To Those With Limited Mobility

Modifications to an existing garage door may be essential if you or another person in your household has limited mobility. A garage door service provider can guide you in choosing a design and features that will make the garage more accessible.

Upgrading The Opener Components

A door that needs to be manually opened could be difficult to open or close if limited mobility is a concern. A garage door specialist can modify the location of handles that are currently secured to the door.

The upgrading of a track system may also aid with a smoother opening and closing process. If a manual door is going to be upgraded to an electric door, a garage door specialist will need to install an electronic opener device and will need to wire up the garage door. This type of upgrade may take a bit more planning than a basic upgrade. A garage door opener can be accessed by a manual button or a remote device.

A garage door technician will consider the placement of an access button, making sure it is within reach of the person who has limited mobility. They can also program a remote opener and install a device within the vehicle that will be driven by the person who is handicapped. The completion of these two steps will ensure that the garage door can be opened and closed, without needing to exit the vehicle.

Making Changes To The Design

Limited mobility can make it much more critical to have added security features installed. Larger windows will improve visibility, plus may beautify the existing garage door. The addition of lighting is another upgrade that can be helpful to those with limited mobility.

Anyone who is elderly or who has endured a physical impairment may require additional lighting as they are accessing the door by hand. A service technician can demonstrate different lighting styles that will improve the functionality of the door. The lights can be installed along the door or on the sides of the door. They can also be installed within the garage.


Once a garage door has been upgraded, it is important to keep the door well-maintained. A company that installs doors may offer a service plan that will aid with maintaining the door. Simple processes, such as cleaning the door's track system and inspecting the hardware or glass panes that comprise a door can ensure that the door remains in operable order. Seek information about maintenance plans, at the onset of your initial service appointment.

To learn more, contact a garage door service in your area.