These 3 Signs Could Indicate You Need A Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken or worn-out springs on your garage door can be a very serious problem. This is because if your garage door springs are in need of repair, your door can stop working completely or even fall off the track. That is why it is so important for homeowners to know how to spot the warning signs that there is something wrong with their springs. Taking the time to review the warning signs below will help to ensure you are up to this very important task.

#1: Your Garage Door Cannot Be Manually Opened After The Pulling Manual Release Cord

Even garage doors that use an automatic door opener can still be operated manually. In order to do this, you will typically pull the manual release cord near the top of your garage door and then simply lift the door using the handle. If you are unable to manually open your garage door after pulling this release cord, this is a very strong sign that you are in need of a garage door spring repair. 

#2: Your Garage Door Is Crooked Or Uneven When Opening

While some garage doors make use of a single spring that is placed in the center of the door, many garage doors use tension springs that run along both sides of the door. If your garage door uses this type of spring assembly, you may notice that your door appears crooked or uneven when it is opening. This occurs when the spring on one side of the door is in good condition while the spring on the other side of the door is in need of repair. While your door may still currently operate in this condition, failing to get the spring repairs you need will surely lead to a system failure in the near future. 

#3: Your Garage Door Stalls Or Moves Slowly After Pressing The Door Remote

The springs on your garage door help to provide the power and momentum that is needed in order to lift the heavy weight of your door. If these springs are worn out or if they no longer have the proper amount of tension, you could find that your door stalls or begins moving very slowly after you press the button on your door opener remote. While your door will likely open more slowly, you may also notice that it closes faster. This is because, without your springs to help support the weight of your door, gravity will inevitably take over causing your door to close faster. 

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