How To Spot Broken Garage Door Springs

How often do you inspect your garage door? You use the garage door several times a day; thus, it should be easy to notice, such as broken garage door springs. It should be easy, but some signs are easy to miss if you are not keen. 

Below are five signs of broken garage door springs to look out for.

Garage Door Is Heavier Than Usual 

Since you have been opening your garage door for years, it shouldn't be difficult to notice the change in weight. The garage door springs are tasked with supporting the door's weight. This is why the garage door feels light even when it weighs over 400 pounds. 

If the garage door springs snap, you will have to bear most of that weight when opening the garage door. Contact garage door specialists for garage door spring repair to avoid any injuries. 

Balance Issues 

Is your garage door misaligned? If so, your garage door springs are damaged or broken on one end. This is why one end is slightly open while the other end is completely shut. Each of these extension springs pulls your garage door independently but simultaneously. If one breaks, your garage door will open slightly on one end. 

Loud Bang 

If you hear a loud bang from the garage, it often means that springs have snapped. The noise is startling, and those who have heard it compare it to an attempted home break-in. If you hear a loud bang from your garage, call a professional for garage door spring repairs. 

Garage Door Open Fully Then Closes Again

Have you attempted to open your garage door only for it to open several inches and then close again? If yes, your garage door springs are broken. 

Garage Door Won't Open

If you are struggling to open the garage door, pull the emergency release rope to trigger the opening mechanism. This should open the garage door. However, if it doesn't open the garage door, it points to broken garage door springs. Without the garage door springs, your door becomes dead weight. Since these garage doors weigh several hundred pounds, you might struggle to get them off the ground. 

Leave Garage Door Spring Repairs to the Pros 

Although DIY garage door spring repairs are possible, it is advisable to consult professionals. These doors are heavy, and any mistake could lead to long-term injuries or a damaged garage door. Garage door spring repairs are difficult to execute and dangerous; thus, leave the job to professionals.  

For more information, contact a company that offers garage door spring repair services.