4 Common Spring Problems That Need Overhead Door Services

Is your garage door opening too slowly for your liking? The springs are the top suspects in such a case. This component of garage doors bears the door's weight, enabling the door to move up and down evenly and safely. The springs undergo thousands of up and down cycles and eventually wear out in several years. When the springs are faulty, you will see the door opening too slowly, making squeaky noises, or hanging to one side. Also, you can make visual confirmation. What problems can overhead door services solve?

1. Broken Door Springs 

The door won't move up to open and drops too fast when closing when the springs are broken. If the springs break suddenly, you will hear a sharp sound like a firecracker. You can test for broken springs by simply lifting one of the door panels. If it lifts easily, then the springs are probably broken. Call overhead door services  to install new garage door springs if you have any of these signs. 

2. Loose Tension in the Springs   

Garage door springs become loose from wear and tear. The loss in tension makes them less able to bear the door's weight. You will see the door opening too slowly. Sometimes, the door will get stuck halfway when opening. 

You will also see the door dropping too fast when closing because the springs stretch too fast. Call overhead door services to inspect the springs and replace them if necessary. 

3. Excessive Squeaking in the Springs  

Another sign of loose tension is when your garage door makes excessive noise while opening and closing. This problem is usually caused by rusting. The integrity of the steel degrades, and the minuscule gaps will make sounds when the springs are expanding or contracting. 

Excessive squeaking points to springs that are close to snapping. Lubricating the springs solves this problem. The lube protects the metal against moisture damage and corrosion. If the rust is too extensive, the overhead door service might recommend installing new garage door springs. 

4. Imbalanced Door Springs  

If the garage door is hanging unevenly, then the springs are imbalanced. This problem is most common with extension springs. You will see one side of the door dragging or the top of the door slanting. This problem happens when one spring loses tension faster than the other. The garage door service replaces both springs to restore normal function. 

Is your garage door becoming problematic to operate? Have an overhead door service inspect and replace your faulty door springs.