Is It Time For Garage Door Replacement? 3 Signs You Should Pay Attention To

As a homeowner, no matter how well you take care of your residential garage door, there comes a time when replacing it is inevitable. For instance, replacing your garage door is a wise decision if it breaks down too often. If you have to call a garage door repair technician to repair your malfunctioning door almost every month, replacing it is the best option. Additionally, your residential garage door may need a replacement if you notice visible signs of wear and tear. For instance, if your garage door has a faulty opener, severe dents, broken springs, worn-out tracks, and damaged rollers, replacing it may make financial sense. Apart from that, there are other critical signs that will help you know it is time to hire a garage door replacement service, including the following.

Your Old Garage Door Is Shaking Excessively

Your old garage door may need a replacement if it is shaking excessively. However, before booking an appointment with a garage door replacement service, you should lubricate your door's moving parts effectively. Additionally, you should ensure that its tracks are not clogged up. If the problem persists even after lubricating the moving parts and cleaning the tracks, you shouldn't hesitate to have your door replaced. It is an indication that your old garage door's lifespan may have come to an end. Replacing it will improve safety in your home.

Your Garage Door Has an Outdated Design

Your residential garage door may also need a replacement if it has an outdated design. If its security features are outdated or compromised, it will increase the risk of intrusion or robbery in your home. Additionally, its outdated design may turn away potential homebuyers if your property is on sale. Therefore, as a homeowner, you shouldn't hesitate to have your outdated garage door replaced by a professional to improve safety in your home. The new garage door will also give your property a fresh and attractive look.

Your Old Garage Door Is Not Energy Efficient

Apart from offering safety and curb appeal, your residential garage door also enhances energy efficiency in your home. However, as your garage door gets old, it may lose its energy efficiency features, especially if it is sagging, cracked, warped, or dented. An inefficient garage door will allow conditioned air to seep out of your house, which will cause irregular spikes in your monthly energy bills. Therefore, you should have your inefficient garage door replaced as soon as possible to save money on utility bills.

When investing in a new garage door, you should hire an experienced and licensed garage door contractor to help you make an informed decision. The professional will also install the door appropriately to improve attractiveness and energy efficiency in your home.