3 Garage Door Materials You Can Use For Your Home

When your garage door starts to look dated, you need to start thinking about upgrading it. When it comes to upgrading it, you will want to carefully consider the material used for the garage door, as it will impact cost, maintenance, and function. 

#1: Wood

One of the first materials you should consider is wood. Wood garage doors are often used for residential homes. Wood garage doors are popular because they are durable and affordable, and they look good as well.

You can choose from a wide range of different types of wood. The different types of wood will impact the material costs for the project. If you want to go with incredibly durable wood material, you will want to consider a cedar garage door.

You have to consider with a wood garage door that the wood will expand and contract as the outside temperature changes. The wood can also warp or crack over time. Wood doors have to be stained periodically to protect them from rot and damage. 

#2: Fiberglass

Second, another material to consider for your garage door is fiberglass. Fiberglass garage doors are often called GRP garage doors. Fiberglass is a pretty tough and durable material that can last for a long time. Unlike a wood garage door, fiberglass garage doors maintain their look over time and don't need to be finished or stained. They are straightforward to take care of and are very lightweight as well.

#3: Steel

The third material to consider for your garage door is steel. Steel is an excellent material to use for your garage door. A steel garage door is not going to look like a big hunk of metal. With a steel garage door, the galvanized steel makes up the interior of the door. The exterior of the door has either a polyester finish or a vinyl-clad finish. The finish can allow for lots of different designs. A steel garage door can be made to look like a wood garage door or other material with the finish.

A steel garage door isn't going to need to be stained or repainted regularly, and as the steel is protected inside the door, you don't have to worry about rust either. When it comes to steel doors, you will want to go with higher-quality steel for higher insulation value. 

If you want a new garage door in your home, you will need to choose the material you want on your new garage door. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are three of the top material choices for new garage doors. Contact a residential garage door supplier near you to get learn more.