How To Decide If You Should Choose Metal For Your New Garage Door

If you're trying to decide on the type of new garage door to buy, consider metal. Metal garage doors are popular because they're durable while still being attractive. Plus, metal is one of the more affordable garage door materials. Here's how to decide if a metal garage door is right for you.

You Want A Lightweight Door

An aluminum door is lightweight and a good choice if you need a wide door. Plus, a lighter door doesn't put as much strain on the opener and other parts of the system. This might help your door last longer and need fewer repairs. Steel is heavier than aluminum, but they're both lighter than wood.

Your Garage Door Is In Full Sun All Day

If your garage faces west or south, the sun beats down on the door all day. The sun doesn't bother metal like it does wood and fiberglass. A wood door might dry out and crack and a fiberglass door can discolor. UV rays can be damaging to many materials over time, but a metal door can tolerate the heat and UV ray exposure without deteriorating.

You Live Where There Are Frequent Storms

Metal provides good protection against storms. Think about the typical weather you have at your location. If you get a lot of rain and occasional flooding around your house, you may want to choose an aluminum door because it won't rust. If you have to contend with frequent strong wind and flying debris, you may want thicker steel since it doesn't dent as easily.

Steel garage doors are treated so they won't rust, but if the door is damaged and the coating is scratched, rust is a potential threat. However, you don't have to worry about other types of water damage or damage from high humidity with a metal door. Wood can warp, mold, and rot when exposed to too much rain, dampness, or flooding.

You Don't Want To Do Much Maintenance

Metal garage doors don't require much maintenance at all. You need to maintain any type of door, which includes cleaning and lubricating it, but you don't need to paint the door unless you just want to. A wood door requires ongoing maintenance to slow down the deterioration of the wood. You'd have to paint or stain it every few years to keep your home looking nice.

With metal, your garage door will look nice with just occasional cleaning, and that's important when you don't have much spare time to spend maintaining your property.

For more help picking out a garage door, reach out to a local garage door company.