Some Of Your More Unusual Garage Door Accessories (And Why You Might Like Them!)

Humans have more than one defining feature that separates them from all of the other animals on the planet. One is the imagination. The other feature that is so prominent is mankind's ability to accessorize with literally everything. It is this second feature that rings most true when you see all of the available accessories for garage doors. That is right; garage door accessories.​ You would never have thought it possible to accessorize a garage door, but then you see that it is entirely possible because humans have actually done it. The following is a sample of some of the more unusual garage door accessories and why you might really like them.

​Door Handles

​Most garage doors come with a standard cantilever handle. Turn the handle ninety degrees clockwise and lift is the standard procedure to opening a garage door, but what if you could have a very different sort of handle? The mechanics are the same, but the shape and styles of the door handle are more unique. Some of them, like a butterfly or a hobbit's door knocker, are downright fun. Some are similar to what you have already, but have a variety of metal finishes and patterns scrawled into the metalwork. All of them will still work with the usual mechanics of a garage door, but they will certainly be more decorative than what you currently have.

Magnetic Decorations and "Skins"

​Who does not like to decorate their garages for various holidays? Yet, by the time you finish decorating the house inside and out, you have run out of steam to decorate much else. No problem; there are several companies that make "skins" and magnetic decorations just for your garage door. Throw it up there, leave it, peel it off, store the magnetic stuff and toss the skins. Easy-peasy, and there are lots to choose from.

AI Voice for Your Garage

​Admittedly, this might take a little getting used to, but after a bit, having the garage door open and hear the garage welcome you home is kind of fun and nice. The "voice" is triggered the minute the garage door opener begins to raise the door, and about that time when your vehicle first starts to enter the garage. You can get the voice to say a few different things and greet you in a couple of different ways. If you do not want it to greet you all the time, turn it off when you would rather just have peace and quiet.

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