Some Helpful Tips Regarding What You Can Do With Your Old Garage Doors

Before you have your garage door installation professional haul your old doors away, you might want to think about keeping them for yourself. There are a lot of things that you could end up doing with those doors, such as the following:

Outdoor Paintball Targets

If you or your kids love to play paintball and would like to get better with your aim, you will want to practice hitting some targets as many times as you can. The more you practice, the better you will become. You can set yourself up with some easy targets by cutting your garage doors into various sizes and then spray painting the pieces with individual targets that you will want to try to hit. Try to make them in a variety of sizes so you can your target shooting accuracy.

Dog House For The Dog

Even if your dog generally lives inside of your home, if it enjoys spending some time outdoors, you should really have a dog house set up for it. This way, should a sudden storm strike in your town or your dog needs to find a spot to get out of the hot sun, your dog will be able to seek shelter. You could always buy an already made dog house online or through the local pet store. However, with the garage door that you no longer need, you should be able to cut it apart into pieces that would be suitable to put together for your dog.

Pieces Of Art

Whether you have always wanted to paint something nice to hang in the house or you would like to give your kids something to create art on, cut up pieces from a wooden garage door would be an excellent choice. Just make sure that you are carefully sanding down the sides of the cut pieces so you will not have to worry about anyone ending up with some massive splinters in their hands. After you have painted your special creations, you will want to apply clear coat over all of it to seal the artwork.

Even if the previously mentioned ideas are not things that are of an interest to you, you might find that they will help spark some of your own ideas. Before you know it, you will have transformed something that you once would have thought was useless into something amazing. For more information, contact a business such as Eudy Door Co.