Four Tips For Making Your Garage Door Family-Friendly

As a homeowner with children in the house, you want to be sure that your home is actually doing its job at providing your children with a safe place to live. Since the garage door is used often, especially when coming and going, as well as storing all of your children's outdoor toys, you want to be sure that this is one area of the house that is as safe as possible, especially since there are many things here that can pose a threat. Here are four tips to help you make your garage safe:

  1. Keep Garage Door Buttons Out of Reach: Children, especially young children love to push buttons. There's a danger to this when it comes to your garage door because if the garage door is constantly being open and closed, it could mess with the tracker that indicates whether or not there is something in the way that should reverse the garage door from closing. If there is a child here, it can cause serious injury if the garage door shuts on them. Be sure to keep garage door devices out of reach and install the garage door remote high out of reach so it's only reachable to you. 
  2. Don't Leave the Garage Door Open: The garage door really should only be opened when you need to get in or out. Other than that, the garage door should be shut to prevent a possible collapse. While it's not likely for the garage door to suddenly collapse, you never know. 
  3. Perform Regular Maintenance: Be sure that you are always performing regular maintenance. This not only means hiring a professional when you notice a need for repairs or a regular inspection, but also inspecting the garage door tracks itself to tighten loose bolts and clean the dirt and debris build up in the track itself. This is going to ensure that the garage door is always opening and closing smoothly and safely. 
  4. Replace When it's Needed: Don't hold out on replacing your garage door when it's needed. Not only is this important for the safety of your home, but also for added safety features that new garage doors come with. The safer your garage door, the safer your family is not only from the danger of the garage door causing injuries, but also the danger of possible burglaries. It's much easier for someone to break into an old garage door that is not as stable and secure. 

Be sure that you always call in the professionals if you have concerns so that your garage door is continually safe for everyone to use. Visit a site like for more help.