Spotting And Dealing With Common Problems With Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener offers a tremendous amount of convenience. However, your remote or opener can sometimes stop working as it should. Don't assume you have a broken garage door opener if it stops working, or doesn't work as it should. Here's a look at some problems that may plague your opener.

Your Remote or Transmitter Won't Open or Close the Garage Door

The remote worked fine one day, then suddenly it stopped. There are many possible reasons for this to happen. First, check the wall switch. If the door opens and closes from the switch, then the remote or transmitter probably is the culprit.

It's possible that switching out the batteries will fix the problem. It's also possible that some other issues could cause this problem as well.

  • Something could block the signal from the remote or transmitter
  • The motor antenna may not be in proper position
  • You may have tried the remote while out of range

In rarer cases, you may have an outright malfunction at work. If changing the batteries or clearing the signal path doesn't work, you may need a professional to take a look.

The Motor Never Stops Running after You Open the Garage Door with Your Opener

If the garage door rises, but you hear the motor still turning, then there's possibly a problem with your limit switch settings. These settings vary by manufacturer, so it helps if you have your instruction manual to aid you in making adjustments.

Your limit switch settings can actually represent the cause of several other garage door opener issues.

  • The garage door doesn't open or close all the way
  • The garage door closes, but immediately pops back open

The limit settings tell your garage door how far it has to go before it's fully open or closed. Sometimes, there's just a knob or two to adjust. In some other cases, you may have to mess around with sensitivity settings.

Grinding Noises or Jerky Performance When Door Opens or Closes

Does your garage door suffer from jerky movements when you use your opener? Do you notice other signs of obvious malfunction? It's likely you have an issue with one or more of your garage door mechanisms. Your garage door opener is only as effective as the garage door itself.

You may need help if you hear grinding noises or notice a lot of hesitancy in the performance of your garage door. Look for professional residential garage door services, such as Durbin Garage Doors LLC, to help you diagnose the issue and repair or replace parts.